by Pedro Farinazzo

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In the pages of your life There's a story to be written Will you play the lead role Or will you leave it to somebody else? Why are you letting people make The decisons that you should? Are you really burying your dreams To live your life based on their expectations? Is time to learn how to say "no" This is the time to let it out Stand your ground, raise your head Destroy the cage inside your mind Chorus: No fear anymore Leave your ghosts behind Set your goals and run for it Don't be afraid To care about the ones you love Doesn't mean being a slave to their will The chances that come for you May never come twice Don't let your mind convince you To give up what you've always dreamed Don't let the time pass on by You may repent Consequences will always come No matter what you decide And if you remain still there'll be no point In complaining for your misfortune
Ressurection 10:26
The darkened sky, the moon so bright Thoughts remain inside my head Wondering how things could have been Was there an easy way out? Are we too blind to see what’s right in front of our eyes? Are we right all over the time or sometimes we’re caged in our pride? Regretting what had happened yesterday Won’t help getting back in the way How many times you tried To hide yourself in a lie? Trying to disguise the pain You carry deep inside Fear only makes you blind And locks you in a prison cell Feeling the blame for what happened in the past Like there wasn’t a new way When you finally release From the ties you were once bound You will finally see That you were your own prisoner Just forgive yourself From everything that is already gone The past must be left in the past Giving place for a new day Now is time to stand again And carry on No more regrets No more pain Weeping may endure for a night But joy comes in the morning Is time to release from what was Time to born again
Winterstorm 06:22
Walking down this lonely road For oh so long Feeling so cold and so alone Roaming through town to town Drifting in my thoughts Sinking in a sea of doubts Running without getting outta place For each step forward twice backward When will this ice age ever end? I'm tired of being so afraid But still I try to make it up To get through my winter storm Outside a fortress of solitude Inside torn up and broken Broken dreams and shattered memories Fed my shame and regret Bound to darkness and gloom Lost in the shadows Fighting a war against myself And my cure is my poison When will this ice age ever end? I'm tired of being so afraid But still I try to make it up To get through my winter storm Help me! Guide me! I'm pleading on my knees Please set me free! Break these chains Tear down the walls Melt down the snow And call me back to life! When will this ice age ever end? I'm tired of being so afraid But still I try to make it up To get through my winter storm Let me out!
Overcoming 05:15
One more light fades away The time has run out Tired of being one step closer to the edge Throws himself down the cliff Where was your hand to help The time it was most needed? Its so easy to judge something When you never felt it on your skin Refrão When everything seems to be lost Just know that you’re not alone Don’t focus on the hurt inside Look to the skies and see the hope There’s a light where we can rest Too quick to criticize The weaknesses of others But are you really the one Who can throw the first stone? It is time for us to leave The position of the one who condemns And be on the side of the one Who shows mercy and compassion (repete-refrão) If you could know how hard it can be Even to just face the reality Just to accept how things are To feel alright with your own mind The pain that’s covered by the deafening silence The inability to reach out for help To feel like crying but don’t shed a tear To feel like there are no options left The empty smiles covers the sorrows A disguise of a happy life The feeling of the blame overtaking A heavy burden on these shoulders Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
The Illusion of Freedom (Pedro Farinazzo) Here we are, this is 21st century We’re closer to each other, but never been so far away Stucked in our own minds , People filled with an internal void A need to be part of the group, just another social frankenstein They’re open to accept you the way you are As long as you are the way they want you to be Repeat the same ready phrases you don’t understand Make another war to defend your thoughts When will we stop to act like a bunch of freaks? Stop feeding the illusions, let them go! You’re not different, you’re just one more in the crowd Free to be just like everyone else you know Unable to dialog, just throwing your opinions Not searching for enlightment, but only for being right Commanding people to question, but never questioning yourself Always pointing up the problems without never presenting a solution Extremists by nature, surrounded by misplaced opinions This is who you are, an intellectual of ignorance When will we stop to act like a bunch of freaks? Stop feeding the illusions, let them go! When will we learn to live in unity? Stop feeding our hate This illusion of freedom must go away Setting ourselves free from our misconceptions (solo) Claiming that who opposes you are being manipulated Doesn’t mean you aren’t being as manipulated as them If you’re really willing to find what’s the real truth Stop searching for the answers that pleases you Is time to get rid of the mental clutches of hate This ever growing repulsion must be destroyed You know deep down all you feel is insecurance Fear of your inner self being torn apart When will we stop to act like a bunch of freaks? Stop feeding the illusions, let them go!


released December 11, 2018

Lyrics and Music: Pedro Farinazzo
Guitars, Bass and Vocals: Pedro Farinazzo
Keyboards on "Winterstorm": Guilherme Flauzino
Production, Mix and Master: Guilherme Flauzino


all rights reserved



Pedro Farinazzo Juiz De Fora, Brazil

Musician born in Juiz de Fora – Minas Gerais – Brazil, who been part of a lot of bands in his hometown,, currently a member of the one man band Enharmonic Khaos, releases now his solo project, with tracks that mixes inflences of Prog Metal, metalcore and similar styles, and autobiographic lyrics that shows mostly moments lived by the musician, and social critics. ... more

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